Mission Statement

❝ The mission of Codingwindow is to inspire learners by providing a comprehensive and pragmatic approach to programming and make them realize their unfathomable potential. ❞
Codingwindow is an online open-source learning platform where learners realize their programming potential and where mind-blowing practical solutions build. This platform has hundreds of problem statements, solutions, and approaches in various programming languages to boost the confidence of students, novices, job seekers, IT professionals, etc.
Shubham Darda
Founder and Architect
Founded on: February 19, 2018

Codingwindow Specialities

Codingwindow Roadmap

2013: Ideas initiated and studied web technologies
2014: Explored programming languages and algorithms
2015: Learned structured and unstructured databases
2016: Program files created, scrutinized, and clustered
2017: Designed and developed a website titled Programming Hub
2018: Renamed to Codingwindow along with the establishment of Codingwindow Experiments group
2019: Improved UI, bug fixes, added new segments, shortened URLs, etc.
2020: Implementation of Data Structures and Data Mining algorithms

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